How to Build Your Own Restaurant App with No-Code

Even a simple app is likely to costs tens of thousands of dollars — and more complex apps can reach hundreds of thousands of even millions. And that’s just for developing the app — it doesn’t account for the ongoing costs of hosting and maintaining your app once it’s built. Wondering how you should build a no-code app for your restaurant? In the digital age, there are many reasons restaurants might need an app. Push messages would help inform clients about interesting offers, discounts, and events, thus motivating people to visit your institution more often. Of course, if your restaurant business is limited to only one outlet, the feature won’t be useful to you.

  • A few years ago, restaurants had to conduct costly surveys and interviews to determine what customers thought about their venue.
  • This is especially important if the user is placing an order for a large company, family, or other group where each member isn’t making their own choice.
  • A company of friends would be thankful if they won’t have to break up the total on their own.
  • These are the basis of your application and define how users will interact with the app.
  • Please note that the final set of features will depend entirely on the key purpose of the app and the problems you want to address.

The process should be continuous, and it is better to pay close attention to feedback after the release of any new functionality. At the end of the day, restaurant mobile app development is lucrative for your business growth. Due to the popularity of mobile devices in searching for eating places, restaurant mobile app development is a hot topic today. After you’ve successfully identified your business goals and chosen the development team, it’s time to decide on the functionality of your future app.

App Creation Service

Then there’s all the juggling staff members who work different shifts and need flexibility in their schedules. If you’re working with an existing spreadsheet that already includes the data you want to turn into an app, all you need to do is sign into Glide and upload that spreadsheet. By the way, the pre-order feature has been efficiently implemented in the Starbucks application. And remember, many users would like to track the order and have the option to abandon it.

How do I create a restaurant app

It indicates that restaurants can make the recipe for success with the right blend of technology and teamwork, that’s restaurant app development. This guide will take you through the foundation step to survive and thrive in the market, that’s the step-by-step process of building a custom restaurant app. Since 2019, thousands of users all around the world have used Bravo Studio’s technology to build their no-code native mobile apps. We’ll help to increase the profit of your business by implementing effective and innovative mobile solutions. After you’ve successfully identified the set of features, it’s time to choose the tech stack for restaurant app development. You can either choose to create a native app for Android and iOS or a hybrid one that will work on both devices.

Improve service delivery

It’s also possible to combine two features to attract even more customers. Find out what problems your customers face and learn what services they would like a restaurant to provide. After you identify the pain points, you will be able to offer a solution that will be in high demand among customers. Is there a better way to turn one-time customers into returning ones than by offering a loyalty program, a special deal, or a coupon for the next visit? Restaurant app development can help you with customer retention.

Zappter allows you to change the design, content and features at any time with just a few clicks. Everything you see in your app can be rearranged, moved, hidden and highlighted. Use many features such as modifiers, ingredients or the stores-system to easily launch and scale your own restaurant app. Looking for a foolproof idea to earn money in the food industry?

How Much Does Restaurant App Development Cost?

Promote your app with built-in readily functions and start driving sales. The ideal example of such an app you can consider is the Yelp app. Next up, upload content with a tap of a button and finally customize the interface. Consider selecting a color scheme that matches the brand colors and adding an icon/logo. Developers can charge multiple eateries a fee to advertise on the application. This will include different food categories such as appetizers, side orders, desserts, and beverages.

How do I create a restaurant app

The answer is direct and straightforward, the cost totally depends on the features that are required, how many hours the development is going to take, and what the desired platform is. Bravo is your no-code custom-made mobile app builder for iOS and Android. Create pixel-perfect MVPs, validate ideas and publish on App Store and Google Play Store. With Bravo Studio, you can save time and money and build your restaurant app for iOS and Android without code.

Cons of Creating a Restaurant App

Time is our most valuable resource, so the ability to pre-order or get food delivered to your door will help you avoid wasting it by skipping the lines at restaurants. Clients can collect and track food stamps in the app, which can be redeemed for discounts in your restaurant. Offer your app in multiple languages to make it more user-friendly and to help you connect with new audiences. Clients can order their meals ahead of time through the app and arrive once the order is ready. Present your branded online menu to clients, which they can view and order directly from. Allow clients to order online without having to call your restaurant.

How do I create a restaurant app

Take a look at the provided graph to get a better idea of what your target users might be looking for in a restaurant mobile app. Since this survey was conducted, the market has grown and changed significantly. New opportunities have become available for restaurant app development. According to a Statista survey in 2013, the top reasons to use a restaurant app were to view menus and prices, check out hours of operation, and search for nearby restaurants. If you haven’t launched your marketing strategy by this moment, time to start rolling it out.

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Creating a restaurant mobile app is a complicated process and is not only restricted to coding. This process includes several stages that should be followed thoroughly for getting an efficient, read-to-use app. You can check the below-mentioned process of Build a restaurant application. Those restaurant app builder are popular and useful restaurant apps, but restaurants need to also think outside the box when it comes to how apps can help them with their internal operations, too. App builders are platforms that allow anyone to create a custom app — usually without writing a single line of code.

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